Fast SSD Virtual Private Server

Custom Firewall

We take security seriously so Shorewall firewall is installed by default on every plan and we’ll setup rules to only allow SSH, HTTP and HTTPS. You can still decide if you want to open other ports. 

Blazing Fast

Fast SSD virtual server connected with 1Gbit/s NIC on datacenter with multiple redundant providers with total 1,32Tbit bandwidth.

Automatic Backups

Automatic daily backups encrypted to offsite backup server. Fully accessible by you and you decide the retention. Additionally limited number of full snapshots available as restore points. 

VPS01 15€

per month (excl. VAT)

1 vCore CPU

1 GB dedicated RAM

25 GB SSD Storage

2 TB monthly traffic*

100 GB backup space

1 snapshot

VPS02 20€

per month (excl. VAT)

2 vCore CPU

2 GB dedicated RAM

50 GB SSD Storage

5 TB monthly traffic*

100 GB backup space

2 snapshots

VPS03 40€

per month (excl. VAT)

2 vCore CPU

4 GB dedicated RAM

100 GB SSD Storage

8 TB monthly traffic*

500 GB backup space

3 snapshot


High end VPS

VPS04 60€

per month (excl. VAT)

2 vCore CPU

8 GB dedicated RAM

200 GB SSD Storage

10 TB monthly traffic*

500 GB backup space

4 snapshots

VPS05 80€

per month (excl. VAT)

4 vCore CPU

16 GB dedicated RAM

400 GB SSD Storage

20 TB monthly traffic*

1000 GB backup space

5 snapshots

VPS06 100€

per month (excl. VAT)

8 vCore CPU

32 GB dedicated RAM

600 GB SSD Storage

30 TB monthly traffic*

1000 GB backup space

6 snapshots


Standard features on all packages:

Full root access
SSH & SFTP access
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS operating system
Domain name service for one domain
Reverse DNS available
1 public IPv4 address
IPv6 subnet (/64)
Fast 1Gbit/s network connection

Additional services:

Backup spacePrice excl. VAT
500 GB5€ / month
1 000 GB10€ / month
2 000 GB15€ / month
5 000 GB25€ / month
10 000 GB45€ / month
ServicePrice excl. VAT
MariaDB database5,00€ / month
DNS for additional domain1,00€ / month
1TB additional traffic2€ / TB
Advanced service monitoring5,00€ / month + 20 € initial setup fee
Server maintenance60,00€ / hour

* There are no charges for going over your traffic limit, but your server connection speed will be permanently reduced 10Mbit/s which allows unlimited traffic. Optionally you can get the reduced speed lifted by committing to pay 2€ excl. VAT per TB of additional traffic. Only outgoing traffic is calculated in the quota (incoming traffic is not calculated).