Email as an add-on

Secure Communication

Connect to IMAP and SMTP using TLS or use IMAPS and SMTPS. Access webmail using HTTPS.  

State of the art

Using latest stable version of Postfix, Dovecot, OpenDKIM, Amavisd-new and Spamassassin. Storage on redundant SSD drive.

Automatic Backups

We take daily automatic backups of all mailboxes and store them encrypted on a remote backup server.

Individual 2€

/ mailbox / month (excl. VAT)

1 - 10 mailbox

1 GB storage / mailbox

Unlimited aliases

One mailbox domain

Small business 1,50€

per mailbox / month (excl. VAT)

10+ mailboxes

1 GB storage / mailbox

Unlimited aliases

One mailbox domain

Dedicated 50€+

per month (excl. VAT)

Unlimited mailboxes

Starting @ 25 GB storage

Unlimited aliases

Unlimited domains


Modern webmail

Easy to use webmail with modern UI

Find as you type addressbook
Richtext/HTML message composing
Search messages and contacts
Vacation responder
Manage server side filtering rules



Mailbox administration

Create, deactivate, archive and remove mailboxes
Reset any mailbox password
Manage email aliases
Manage quota for mailbox
View mailbox usage

You are in control

Everyting adjustable on mailbox basis with reasonable defaults

Adjust spam classification sensitivity
Adjust spam policy (discard, quarantee or pass)
Whitelist or blacklist senders
Fully automated spam/ham training
Automatic filing of passed spam to spam folder


Additional features

Server-side sieve filtering
Server-side spam detection
DKIM (domain keys) signing for outgoing email
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) support
Authenticated SMTP
Virus scanning for all email